Red Stone Project

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Prepared for
The Red Stone Corporation

Prepared by
Andy Tran,
Megan Manning
Meghan Murray
Salwa Nsier

Wednesday 21st, November 2012

Executive Summary
Manning & Company International commissioned this report to determine Red Stone Corporation's budget and schedule deficiencies. We have developed a survey as a method to perform a gap analysis and upon further analysis, provide recommendations to eliminate the deficiencies to give Red Stone a competitive advantage among their competitors.
The gap analysis was performed to analyze the
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The survey included both qualitative and quantitative questions to identify certain patterns and trends. These figures were then analyzed to recognize the problems causing deficiencies. Finally, suggestions and recommendations are provided to resolves the budget and time issues.
Report Organization
The report reviews and analyzes Red Stone’s current position, project information, project pitfalls, team management, human resources, and provides recommended steps to close the gaps causing deficiencies in project outcomes.

Section 1: Position/Company Profile
This report begins with an analysis of Red Stone’s current position and company profile. Section 1 involves the project manager’s experience, their education, and opportunities of advancement. The purpose of this section is to provide the direction of the report and to discover any findings that may correlate project management experience and work output. Basically, we want to find out if lack of project management experience is an issue for Red Stone.
Question 1
How long have you worked in this position?
The purpose of this question is to find out long the project manager has been in their current position.
Raw Data Response | Number of Survey Responses | Percentage of Responses | Less than 1 year | 7/47 | 15% | 1 to 5 years | 19/47 | 41% | 6 to 10 years | 10/47 | 21% | Over 10 years | 11/47 | 23% |


We found 41% of


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