Irs Transformation

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Module 8: Transformation at the IRS
AMP 492
September 25, 2011

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the transformation at the IRS by examining the need for change, the outcome of change and the process of change. The challenges faced by the IRS will be discussed and Kotter’s 8-step model will be applied to the case study to determine whether or not it was or could have been implemented more effectively. This paper will provide an opinion of the challenges still facing the IRS as well as suggestions for success.
The Case Study is provided by the Harvard Business School and is considered necessary reading prior to the understanding the responses contained herein. This paper is
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Communicate the Vision – Rossotti created a detailed communication plan, which included a biweekly newsletter to the employees, national meetings and interactive broadcasts, voice-mail broadcasts, modernization guidelines for managers, breaking news e-mails, and training videos.
Remove Obstacles – The IRS was segmented into four divisions and a phased implementation process was undertaken. Functions such as processing and call routing were centralized. A steering committee of managers and employees and union representatives was created to provide input into the decision making process and oversee the change process.
Create Short-term Wins – In order to reduce the resistance to seemingly overwhelming change, a flat organizations structure was adapted. Short-term victories were also realized by implementing centrally managed call centers by joint operations, new call routing technology and provided specialized training for employees. Segmentation of customer service deliverables was measured daily, weekly and monthly so that incremental changes could be utilized to meet the response and customer demands.
Build on the Change – A ten-year capital investment of 10 billion dollars was committed to continue the IT modernization process while maintaining


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