The Nude

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The Nude
"Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither..."
(The Book of Job 1:21)

The nude has remained an ever present piece in art history. The nude, in essence captures humanity across the ages ( Since the beginning of time, the male and female nude has been inspiring artists. The shapes and forms that make up the body naturally create beauty and sensuality. Even with the first caveman drawing, the human form was etched in artistic impression thus adding aesthetic features to their creations.
While many artists choose the female body, men and women choose to see the nude body differently. Men choose to paint women so they are more appealing and pleasing to the male eye where women
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Her arm, bent and up towards her face, maybe embarrassment and maybe shame. Her face is angled down towards her hand. Is there a reason she won’t look at her love? Could it be all about the innocence of first love? Her natural beauty invites masculine praise.
Her bright red lipstick and nail polish, is the color that draws you in, since she chose not to do the typical Adam and Eve scene with the apple, could the woman be the temptation in this piece?
He, well toned and sculpted, wants to embrace the woman. His arm around her pulling her closer, his head tilted down and in the shadow, is he doing something that he knows he shouldn’t?
I think this picture leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer. There are so many things that I thought of while I wrote this that were so different from when I first saw it.

Lisa Yuskavage, “Balls” 2004

Lisa Yuskavage is a contemporary American painter who is well known for her paintings and works on paper of overly sexualized female figures. Her pieces, often with soft lighting, female forms, and similar color schemes, go for the striking and holding of the viewer’s attention.
In the pieces, she captures the far-out extension of the male sex fantasy with her distorted Kewpie-doll women. They are perversely entertaining and visual spectacles as well as having a bold color sense and fantasy landscapes. She is an artist who understands women and their sexuality.
The first things


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