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Human resource management is a vital part to any business striving to be successful in the world. Every business has a way that they like their business to be ran. Human Resource management is the “policies, practices, and systems that influence employee’s behavior, attitudes, and performance.” Without human resource management many companies would simply not be able to function correctly. Human resource management deals with every practical part that has to do with people in general. It depends on the employees of a company to want their company to be a success. It is always a team effort to make sure everything is right and acceptable. This paper explores the different aspects of human resource in a company. It details the …show more content…

The human resource strategy must be able to complete its goals to the company by providing employees that are needed to carry out the business strategy. The human resource strategy has many features that aid in the future success of the business strategy. Human resource has a major influence on business strategy. A successful business depends on how well the human resource strategy is implemented to aid in the business strategy. The Procter and Gamble Company, is one of the largest packaged consumer goods company in the world. Procter and Gamble is responding creatively and competitively with branded products and services that enhance firm’s performance and their consumer’s satisfaction. Two men, William Gamble and John Procter, founded Procter and Gamble. Procter and Gamble strives to provide products and services of the best quality. Their products must be of the best standards. They strive to offer products that will take them over the competition by the customers. Procter and Gamble has come a long way from where it started in 1837. The company employs over 98,000 people and they operate in over 140 countries. Procter and Gamble first started its production by working out of a storeroom. The business began during nationwide panic and depression. But the struggling young firm survived. Cincinnati proved a sound business base because as a meat packing center, it offered plenty of fat and oil for soap and


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