“How Did I Get Away with Killing One of the Biggest Lawyers in the State?

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“How Did I Get Away With Killing One Of The Biggest Lawyers In The State? It Was Easy”
By Alice Walker

In “How did I get away with killing one of the biggest lawyers in the state? It was easy” by Alice Walker, sexual objectification plays a prominent role in the life of the view point character. She allows herself to become grounded within a complicated affair permeated of sexual objectification as a result of key aspects in her life, such as; the socio-economic status of her environment, her relationship with her mother and race. These factors reinforced her vulnerability in regards to her choices and perception of herself.
The environment that the viewpoint character dwells in is not the most productive or privileged of places.
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I didn’t love him, but he had begun to look a little better to me”. Though their transaction included Bubba’s monetary exchange for pleasure, she justifies her actions by stating, “My body did what it is paid to do.” Reflecting back to the viewpoint character’s relationship with her mother, she confirms to being a sex object, but is really in a conquest for true affection; which there is a lack of between the two. Even after her mother’s discovery and disapproval of her relations with Bubba, the viewpoint character reluctantly prolongs though present issues of race and status.
The viewpoint character is oblivious to the idea of being of a difference race of the man she believes loves her. Still, she identifies her self as socially and politically without care. She goes on to state, “I thought he loved me, that meant something to me. What did I know about equal rights? What did I care about integration?” She once more naively clings to Bubba’s statement of love for her, though much older, married, with children and white.
She seeks after feeling a sense of security, acceptance, belonging, attention but most importantly love. Despite, if that means being with a man of many differences, who is really after sexual gratification. The viewpoint character mentions, “I was sixteen! I wanted somebody to tell me I was pretty and he was telling me that all the time”. There is an evident age difference but a great lack of self


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