Should Girls Ask Boys Out

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The argument whether girls should ask guys out emerged because of the advancement in the women society of the world in the 21st century. Those days are redeeming when it was a man’s job to court a lady and never the other way round. However, there are still territories where for many women it is a thrust to ask man out. This is happening either because of the tradition or perhaps just a bad case of nerves.

Interestingly there are parts of the world where every day is a Sadie Hawkins day. Sadie Hawkins day is a day where women got to ask men out on dates (Scroggins, 2012). According to Mills (2012), “The tradition in dating has been for the guy to take the risk and ask the girl out, while the girl would just sit back and give the guy
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Girls should not be the only one to contribute in the relationship. Cullen, E & Payton, W (2010) thinks “It is important to remember that chivalry is not dead. Deep down, many girls want someone to sweep her of her feet. Many girls fantasize about riding into the sunset with Prince Charming, and according to the story in my head, the guy is the one initiating most of the moves.” Romance and passion are imperative to relationships, and traditionally it is not romantic to ask a guy out (Cullen, E & Payton, W, 2010).

According to Scroggins’s (2012) survey conducted on South Mountain students of United States of America, almost 82% of the students believe that it is perfectly fine for girls to ask guys out. According to Burton, N (2013) survey article, 91 percent of men are fine with a woman making the first move and 65 percent of guys have been asked out by a girl in America. The following survey is retrieved from, an online dating service. There are many more other surveys which indicate that women are asking guys out these days and men are not having an issue about it.

In the end, it can be said that there is no illegitimacy to ask a guy out if one is a girl. If a girl feels something for the guy and understands that the guy is also interested then it worthless waiting for the guy to make the first move. Now-a-days young generation are


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