Wizard of Oz

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Tiffini Bates
ENGL 387.010
Introduction to Film Analysis
Final Exam
The Wizard of Oz
Film Form
(Form and Narrative Form)
The Wizard of Oz uses film form by using similarity and repetition. With Dorothy being the main character, she is always reappearing in the film. As well as all of the characters, The Tin Man, The Lion, and The Scarecrow, have similarities to Dorothy. Each of them need something, Dorothy needs to go back home, The Tin Man needs a brain, The Scarecrow needs a heart, and The Lion needs courage. The film also progresses from the beginning to the end, as well as the characters. Dorothy starts at one spot, follows the yellow brick road and eventually makes it to her destination to see The Wizard of Oz, gets what
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The shot zooms out to the Witches crystal ball, and fades away. Then the Witch looks into her crystal ball and can see the poppy field, zooming back in to see Dorothy and her friends on their adventure to see The Wizard of Oz.
The perceptual properties of film sound used in The Wizard of Oz are the loudness (volume) and pitch. The scenes where the group sing “We’re off We're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard of Oz, You'll find that the man is a whiz of a Wiz, If ever a Wiz there was, If ever, if ever a Wiz there was, The Wizard of Oz is one because, Because, because, because, because, because, Of the wonderful things he does, We're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful Wizard of Oz,” the volume as well as the pitch always go up. The rhythm flows really well. An example from the Wizard of Oz that shows non-diegetic sound is when Dorothy is talking to the Wicked Witch and the Good Witch. The characters conversation is mirrored with the music playing in the background. The non-diegetic sound supports the narrative. As well as helping the viewer’s get an emotional attachment to the shots.


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