Cats vs Dogs Compare and Contrast Essay

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People can either be a cat person or a dog person. Cats and dogs are unique creatures yet they are the two most common household animals. I am definitely a dog person. I love dogs. I think everyone should have a dog. They’re great pets. Dogs are fun and a lot of work but it sure is worth it. Cats, on the other hand, I don’t care for. I had a cat when I was only about one year old and she got run over by a car. Ever since then my family has had a dog. Maybe if I had a cat when I was growing up I would like them more. Owning a puppy is a big commitment for all family members, especially in the first few days or weeks. Everyone knows that cats and dogs are as different as day and night. Dogs will play frisbee with you all afternoon …show more content…

This is very different from the way cats interact with each other. Cats are not pack animals. They do not look for a human leader to follow. Cats are more independent then dogs. The relationships cats form are based more on behavior, treatment, and territorial and survival concerns. A cat that is treated badly will rarely stick around. But if a dog is treated badly it will very often return because they are connected to those people regardless of their treatment. So there are the facts, dogs and cats are very different, even though they are two of the most common household pets. Knowing these differences could help a person choose which pet would be best for them. Cats and dogs are much like a child. They are known to create unwanted messes and become an inconvenience in your life. Both cats and dogs give their owners companionship and affection, but they can also strain your time and money. Emotional attachment and the loss of a pet are some drawbacks that come with bonding with a pet. The love one receives from something that is completely dependent is unexplainable. Dogs and cats truly teach life lessons, such as responsibility and love, and impact someone’s


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