La Jolla Software

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Case Study Analysis: Case 10-2 La Jolla Software, Inc.
Kenneth Schiff
BUS 600: Management Communication with Technology Tools
Professor Sherrie Lewis
12/ 12/2011

Case Study Analysis: Case 10-2 La Jolla Software, Inc
LaJolla Software recently received a fax from Masahiro Fudaba, a senior Vice President of Ichi Ban Heavy Industries in Japan. For several months LaJolla Software Inc. executives were targeting several Japanese firms for a joint venture that would permit the company to distribute its famous "S-4" supply chain management software in Japan and, perhaps, throughout much of Asia (O'Rourke, 2010, p. 293). The fax explained that the multiple stakeholders of Ichi Ban have an
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Because Japan is a country based on harmony and not the individual person, the business card represents more than the person on it. In Japanese culture, "Business cards represent the person's importance to the company and personal identity within the community; they are gently presented with two hands and accomplished with a bow"(O'Rourke, 2010). The Japanese understand it is very difficult for foreigners to work in Japan (Kwintessential LTD, 2004). Therefore they do not require you to adhere to there "strict" cultural nuances as long as you show genuine respect. Ultimately if we are aware of our cultural differences, we will recognize when to behave with sensitivity towards our visitors. To help our organization understand more about Japanese custom and culture, I have discovered a "cheat sheet" which signifies important Japanese customs to be aware of while the transition team is here. This "cheat sheet" can be accessed online at The website provides basic information regarding Japanese customs and common beliefs regarding their culture. I also suggest we ask any employees if they have previous experience working with the Japanese. They can provide valuable insight through real world experience, which is more valuable than any research could be. Most importantly if we study the


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