Competitive Analysis - Tide Pods

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Allison Scanlon
Michael Carter
Marketing 3700 13 March 2013
Competitive Analysis

Proctor and Gamble has spent nearly a decade developing Tide Pods, and thus far, it appears that their work has paid off. Tide Pods have claimed a 68% market share in the new laundry pods category, which now accounts for 7.3% of the total multibillion dollar laundry industry (Monk, Tide Pods successful enough to boost P&G's earnings). Tide Pods are unit-dose liquid packets that are twice as compacted as liquid detergent. They contain three different chambers and products: a liquid detergent, stain remover, and brightening agent. Tide Pods unique chemistry and packaging add a little magic to a despised chore.
Existing Competition
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Proctor and Gamble capitalized on convenience by designing the Tide Pod to contain three different laundry products; a liquid detergent, a stain remover, and a brightening agent. None of Tide Pod’s competitors contain these ingredients, and they are also not that much cheaper. Consumers who use Purex UltraPacks or All Mighty Pacs would have to add a stain remover or whitening agent to their laundry, which conflicts with the purpose of the unit-dose laundry package (convenience). Competitor’s products are technically not less expensive than Tide Pods if consumers have to add stain remover and a brightening agent to their loads. Not only do these three ingredients help Tide Pods wash laundry more effectively, the orange and blue colors also help create a highly recognizable brand image. Each time a consumer places a colorful pod into their washing machine they are reminded that they are using Tide. Another reason that Tide Pods have been able to command such a large share of the laundry pod category is their ability to dissolve in any water temperature and in any washing machine. The main complaint that consumers have about competing products is that they don’t fully dissolve, and leave a sticky residue on their clothes. This is a big problem; consumers will most likely completely discontinue the use of these products if


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