Nietzsche: Morality Essay

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Morality Essay

Have you ever asked yourself where your conscience comes from? The feeling that takes a hold of you when you do what you feel is wrong. This feeling is almost like a consequence when you tell a lie or commit a crime. Your conscience helps you sort out the good and bad and feels your mind with sorrow when you see a sad story on the news or gives you the initiative to donate money to a contribution. But where does it come from. Is it something you are naturally born with, taught over time or given to you by a higher power? This argument leads to the existence of moral values by many philosophers including William Lane Craig. One of his excerpts argues that if there is an existence of moral values, which some people agree,
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So, with all this if objective values cannot exist without God and objective values do exist, then it follows logically and inescapably that God exists. And that is how Craig proves that Nietzsche is wrong with his side. Another important philosopher to look at is Plato and how he would react to this argument. Plato's views are more on the side of William Lone Craig when it comes to the existence of moral values. In his book "The Euthyphro" there is no question of whether a God exists. But he turns to the idea of what is and what isn't pious when he shows a situation between Socrates and Euthyphro. Socrates argues with Euthyphro when he claims that everything that the Gods love is pious and every thing they don't love is impious. Socrates argues back with a problem of proof by explaining that you can't really know what the God's think because they disagree like humans. Also, there is a problem of authority, is something right because the Gods just say it is or do they approve because it really is right? Plato explains that you shouldn't worry about what the God's think. Plato also thinks that people value goodness to so much extent. So, how would Plato react to Craig's argument? "The Euthyphro" shows that Plato would probably agree with Craig and respond to it saying that he


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