Discuss the Difficulties in Seeking to Adopt a Common Social Policy and Social Welfare Agenda Among the E.U. Member States.

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Assignment 2-Take Home Exam (Question 3, 5 and 6)
Question 3 Discuss the difficulties in seeking to adopt a common social policy and social welfare agenda among the E.U. member states.
A social policy is a public policy and practice in the areas of health care, human services, criminal justice, education, and labor. (Malcolm Wiener Centre) In European Union, it has passed a long way to seeking adopt a common social policy and social welfare agenda among the E.U. member states. Caune et al has summarized the process of social policy into three steps followed by the milestone of EU. First stage was to create a common market and keep the national welfare policies. During the first stage E.U. did seek to establish a certain
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In other words, EU did not give in to any suggestion about policy to national government, and national government did not need to adequately orient their active measures according to OMC goals. Moreover, each member states can present their own conclusions on the certain policy areas in their national actions plans, such as pension and health care area. Rutkauskiene has found a greatest number of faults in pension’s area caused by OMC. (Rutkauskiene, 2009) Everyone is too different in their personal needs and clamming to adequate for all is not feasible. So a government policy should be set a minimum pension sum to be guaranteed and set of this agreement among EU member states. In other worlds, it is necessary that guidelines for changes in indicator evaluation are set, thereby blocking the way for different understanding about social affairs. From the different argument on OMC policy we can it was mainly established a principle of turning into coordination among EU member state but it facing difficulties turning this policy into an operational manner. Vandenbroucke state the post challenge of Lisbon treaty is EU need an operational social policy. (Vandenbroucke, 2002) Unfortunately, according to the discussion that the current OMC policy has some disadvantaged that made difficulties for EU to adopt a common social policy.

This essay has started with an introduction milestone of adopt the EU social