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Marketing plan for Online Shopping service for Primark


Swot Analysis 2
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Future Marketing Strategies 6
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1. Primark SWOT Analysis
Marketing planning involves looking at all angles, the best strategy that will enable a company utilize it resources efficiently. Organizational resources are scarce and thus planning become inevitable. Analyzing the marketing requires adequate knowledge with proper strategies to seize opportunities that exist. Market planning requires that organization understand their internal and external environment. Internal
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These weaknesses can heavily impact on the sales recorded by the company, particularly if the competitors capitalize on them (Associated British Foods, 2012; Key Notes, 2012).
Primark has a number of opportunities that it could capitalize on for it to be able to attain is ultimate goals and objectives in future. For instance, instead of trying to emulate its rivals, Primark can cease the opportunity of increasing its market share through concentrating more on promoting and polishing is unique products. Also, Primark can cease the opportunity of producing products that not only seems to benefit the people with blue-collar jobs such as construction or industrial workers and expand its product line to cater for other people with white collar jobs for instance through an expansion of its strategic alternatives (Associated British Foods, 2012; Key Notes, 2012).
Also, in addition to production of clothing lines that can be considered innovative, the company has also made attempts to be linked with their target customers through technological advancements, particularly the use of e-marketing. This is a perfect market entry strategy that can be built more to ensure an increased customer base for the market since its potential has already been hinted (Associated British Foods, 2012; Key Notes, 2012).
The most evident threat


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