D2 Unit 11

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D2 UNIT 11
D2 – evaluate the role of multi-agency working to reduce the risk of abuse of adults, with reference to legal frameworks, regulations, working strategies and procedures.

I will be evaluating the role of multi-agency working, its strengths and weaknesses and how it is used to reduce the risk of abuse imposed on adults; I will also be referring to legal frameworks, regulations, working strategies and procedures.
Strengths of Multi-agency working –
Multi-agency working is beneficial for all service users such as children, young people, adults and families; this is because Multi-agency working ensures they receive support in the most effective approach, these benefits include: * Faster and more precise
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Forums are another way in which multi agency works, these are the meetings held by care providers to service users in care services. In these meetings, individuals are encouraged to share ideas and speak, this encourages them to own their care and feel more independent by making their own decisions which will affect the care they receive. It also gives service users a chance to understand the procedures and guidelines that they are being cared for under and their rights are explained to them, this helps to increase their expectations of care that they receive. When service users are aware and clear of guidelines and rights, they are more aware of how staff should behave, what is acceptable and what should be reported.
Multi Agency working ensures that staff are trained and made aware of new policies and procedures. Each new service user that works at the service needs to be trained and must receive induction whereby all the policies and procedures are explain thoroughly and the new staff member may also be asked to shadow an old member of staff, this means the new staff will have to work alongside an old member of staff and analyse what they do, this


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