Wgu Vpt2 Task 2

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A. Summary of Situation
The situation that will be evaluated in this analysis will be; is there a region of the United States in which childhood obesity tends to be more prominent? This will be done to show areas in which the Government, insurance companies and healthcare institutions should focus campaigns for healthy living to reduce future healthcare cost. The data that will be utilized to answer this business question will be the percent of children ages ten to seventeen that are overweight or obese in each of the fifty states. The states will then be categorized into their respective regions of East, South, Midwest, and West. It is important to look into the regions to see if there is a trend of obesity within a region, as this
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Missouri 28.4%
36. Iowa 28.3%
36. Rhode Island 28.3%
38. Idaho 27.8%
39. Florida 27.5%
40. Hawaii 27.4%
41. Minnesota 27.2%
42. Wyoming 26.7%
43. Pennsylvania 26.5%
43. South Dakota 26.5%
45. Oregon 26.4%
46. Washington 26.2%
47. New Hampshire 26.0%
48. New Jersey 24.7%
49. Vermont 24.5%
50. Colorado 23.1%
51. Utah 22.1% (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2015)
The chart that is presented above is the data that was gathered for this analysis. It is listed from highest percentage of obese children to the lowest percentage. This information was gathered from the Kaiser Family Foundation to be the data the help answer they presented question (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2015).
B3. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Data Gathering Methodology
When gathering data there is inevitably advantages and disadvantages to the data that is collected. That statement hold true in this instance as well. One advantage of the methodology for collecting this data was how user friendly the information is. The table that is above is provided along with several other ways to view the data. For instance, the data can be looked at high to low as presented in this report, but also low to high. The table can also be looked at alphabetically for ease in being able to locate a certain State. These features are both an advantage to the gathering of this data. Looking at them in high to low ascending order as presented allows hypotheses to be made about