Research & Analysis of Development Opportunities for Asos.Com

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On behalf of “Ure, Avin, Alaff” marketing consultants that specialise in strategy and market development my task is to research and analyse the development opportunities for (AS Seen On Screen) in this report. (Theory & practice Module Guide, p 22)

ASOS over ten years has become the market leader in the UK online fashion world with reported turnover of £165 m in 2009. They have developed a very competitive edge in fashion retailing through innovation, various delivery options, excellent communication with its customers, well maintained website and expansion of their trade internationally.

Until September 2008 ASOS as many other businesses benefited from economic boom and increased
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Also customers have a choice of six currencies to choose from.(ASOS annual report 2009, p 9-11)
- Communication:
In 2008 ASOS joined the conversation with customers through various social media, starting official ASOS pages on facebook, MySpace, Bebo and twitter, by providing real time news and offers, customer care and services updates as well as actively communicating with customers.
In 2009 they also introduced ASOS Life a section of website which allows users to create their own profiles and communicate with ASOS and between each other.
- Website: website is constantly undergoing various improvements in order to make browsing more fun, easy and effective.
In 2009 they introduced even more new navigation features to enable quick and easy browsing of the extended product ranges and 360 degree view of all shoes and accessories. In addition customers can compare products between each other and browse a full collection of their favourite brands just like on official website. (ASOS annual report 2009,Chariman’s statement p22)
- International:
In 2008 international sales amounted to £32.2 million or just under 19.5% of total revenues, which was achieved with very little marketing effort. ASOS management sees major opportunity in international expansion and they plan to make this expansion by using a low risk approach. ASOS chief executive Nick Robertson has revealed that instead of major international


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