Precede or Proceed

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1.) Within the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model and using what you have learned about epidemiology, what kind of data would be included within an epidemiological assessment? Please describe.

In the PRECEDE phase of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, epidemiological data would include predisposing, reinforcing and enabling constructs such as genetics, behavior, and community.

In the PROCEED phase of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Model, epidemiological data would include environmental data from sources such as primary interviews with affected individuals and communities. This data would be used for the purpose of influencing and correct health and behavioral policies, and regulation.

2.) Choose 2 phases within MATCH. Using these two phases, brainstorm and
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Apply the Health Belief Model and briefly list and describe the six concepts and how they would apply to your situation.

Below are the six concepts of the Health Belief Model and how they apply to my failure to give myself a good start by eating breakfast daily:

1. Perceived susceptibility – how likely the problem will happen
I fear that I will increase my risk of Type II Diabetes, but my perception is that I will somehow not be affected.
2. Perceived severity – how serious are the consequences of the problem
The consequences are ultimately death, but my perception is that it will not happen to me.
3. Perceived benefits – how likely that taking action will reduce susceptibility or severity
I understand the perceived benefits would be increased health and that taking the action of eating breakfast daily will reduce my risk of Type II Diabetes
4. Perceived barriers – what things prevent me from taking action
I believe that I do not have the time required to prepare breakfast daily.
5. Cues to action – media campaigns, reminder cards, symptoms
Advertisements to eat a healthy breakfast and experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, hunger, increased thrist, blurred vision, and numbness in hands and feet.
6. Self-Efficacy – can I do it?
I believe I can do it, and will make it a priority to give myself enough time in the morning to make breakfast daily.

11.) Visit the Weight Watchers website at


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