BSBPMG522A Undertake project work

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Project Planning TemplatesBSBPMG522A Undertake project work
Project title
Max Lionel realty
Project Purpose
Max Lionel realty (MLR), in order to build customer good will and satisfy its legal and ethical obligations, has decided to implement a program to:
Inform agent of legal and ethical obligations ( particularly with respect to WHS and anti-discrimination legislation) and any standards or codes of conduct followed by the organization
Promote high standards in professional conduct ( see Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) codes of conduct and relevant legislation)
Inform clients, tenants and potential tenants of MLR’s commitments
Achieve employee and client buy-in for initiative.
Background and strategic context
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Six to eight team member
Full equipment such as computer, printer, fax, telephone and internet.
Deadline finish a project
Play the role
Knowledge about the project that is taken as being true or correct for the purposes of project planning.
Assumptions are circumstances and events that need to occur for the project to be successful but are outside the total control of the project team. Working standard per day/8hr
Human resource
Limited 3 months for this project
Limit time finish project 25% per week or two weeks. These could include any restrictions to the start/finish date, time, deliverable or milestone dates, budget limitations, resourcing limits, vendor restraints, etc.
Project Title: Max Lionel Realty Project Client: Max Lionel Date: 31st DecemberVersion: 1.0.1
Project Sponsor: Erwan TjanProject Manager:
Vouch Leng LAY File Name: Max Lionel realty Project Page 7 of 40
Stakeholder analysis Use this template to identify areas, groups or individuals who may participate in, or are affected by, the project. Include everyone who has a vested interest. A useful question to ask is: ‘What will make this project a success for you?’
Name Work area Stakeholder type (client, end-user) Impact on/by project, requirements, success criteria
Riz MehraChief Financial Officer Clients Make him easier in viewing budget variation of financial. And make company faster collect date budget.
Riz MehraChief Financial Officer Clients Make him easier in viewing


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