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Carolyn Isherwood, ID #21108433 Exam 05002400 1478 Angelus Hill Road, Hemet, CA 92545 Phoenix Advertising 112 South Front Street Charlotte, NC 12345-6789 January 31, 2011 Gregory S. Forest, President Phoenix Advertising 112 South Front Street Charlotte, NC 12345-6789 Dear Mr. Forest: Until the 4th quarter of 2010 the Roanoke branch had consistently ranked in the top 90th percentile with regards to productivity. They have received numerous coveted awards including “Most Innovated Advertiser”. Unfortunately there is evidence of some contention among the employees, which has resulted in a 20% decrease in productivity. In my capacity as Vice President of Human Resources, I have met with Kristina Jarrett, CEO of the …show more content…

B. The department managers will hold staff meetings with their staff to disseminate information garnered from the CEO’s weekly staff meeting. 2. Monthly A. An all-hands meeting will be held monthly, in which the CEO will give a brief overview on the current projects followed by an update from each department manager. This will be followed by a question and answer period. Lunch will be provided. 3. Final A. There will be a final meeting with all those involved on the project to ensure there are no errors or unauthorized revisions before the project is finalized and presented to the client. The project manager will share all complaints and/or compliments with everyone involved with the project, thus keeping the lines of communication open. Newsletter: The CEO in conjunction with the publications manager will publish a monthly newsletter. A different department will be featured each month. All accomplishments will be mentioned along with any achievement awards, promotions, and new clients and/or projects. One employees name will be hidden somewhere in the newsletter and he/she has one week to contact the publications manager to receive their prize. There will also be a monthly contest in which all employees are encouraged to take part in. Suggestion Boxes: Will be placed in every department and it will be the responsibility of each department manager to read and to forward all suggestions to the CEO (see sample suggestion form below).


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