Practical Life

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Practical Life

Written Examination Paper

By Ben(Zhibin Xu)

Capital College California

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Credential of
Montessori Teacher

May , 2013

Under the Supervision of Ms. Evelyn

You are asked to set up a practical life area in the classroom. What are the principles you must take into consideration in designing the practical life materials?

I’ll consider the function and manageability, good looks and aesthetic appeal, proportions, completeness, color coordination, control of error, safety and respect for tools, interest, cleanliness, price, availability, readiness, work potential, sequence, organization, order, adaptability,
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5.You would like to introduce a shell washing activity to the class. What would be your reasons to have a shell washing activity in the class? Why would a child want to do this work? The shell washing activity provides an opportunity to develop the order, concentration, coordination, independence, self-esteem and confidence. Also the activity provides an opportunity to develop the ability to clean small objects. The interest point is that the beauty of the shell when clean, and the texture of the shell.
In order to undertake the clothes washing activity, certain skills must be acquired. What skills would be necessary in order for the child to have a successful experience? List the activities that you would make available in order for the child to develop these skills.

Transfer of water using an eye dropper: to develop the ability to use the eye dropper. Bean transfer using two pitchers: to develop the ability to pour with a pitcher. Water transfer using two glasses: to develop the ability to pour water. Using clothespins: to develop the pincer grasp. Small object washing: to develop the ability to clean small objects. Bean transfer using the whole hand: to develop the ability to transfer objects with the whole hand. Using lids and jars: to


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