Physical Network Layer Concepts

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Unit 4 Assignment 1: Computer Basics Review
Chapter 4 Review Activities
1. You have created a simple electrical circuit with a battery, wires, and a light bulb. Which of the following is true about this circuit? (Choose two answers)
B. The battery’s positive lead pulls current toward that lead.
C. The circuit creates a direct current
2. A PC NIC and a switch port create one electrical circuit to use when sending data. The sender creates a (maximum) 1-volt electrical signal with a frequency of 1000 hertz. Which of the following facts are also true? (Choose two answers)
B. The phase changes over time
C. The amplitude changes over time.
3. A PC NIC and a switch port create one electrical circuit to use when
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(Choose two answers)
A. SlateRock’s network sends the voice through the Internet
16. Fred has a smart phone and a contract with Slatework mobile. He uses his smart phone to send a text to his friend Barney’s smart phone. Barney uses another mobile company. Barney gets the text and sends a text back to Fred. Which of the following is not a part of the story of what happens between when Fred sends the text and Barney sees the text?
B. SlateRock’s network sends the text, as bits, into the PSTN.
17. If comparing a wireless WAN to a wireless LAN, which of the components of a wireless WAN most closely matches the role and purpose of wireless LAN access point?
D. All the other answers combined
18. In a WLAN Basic Service Set (BSS), four user devices exist, labeled A, B, C, and D. A has data that it wants to send to B. Thinking of the specific steps, which of the following happens in this WLAN as part of the successful delivery of data from A to B? (Choose two answers)
A. A sends the data to the AP
C. A receives an acknowledgement from B
19. A device on a WLAN just created data that it needs to send using the WLAN. Which of the following is its next step as part of the CSMA/CA algorithm used in WLANs to share a frequency?
B. Listen, and is silent, wait for 100 milliseconds.
20. Which of the following are IEEE WLAN standards? (Choose three answers)
B. 802.11n
C. 802.11g
D 802.11a

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