The Brand Experience Toolkit

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The Brand Experience Toolkit

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Table of Contents

1.0 History of the AIESEC Brand

W hat is a brand?
W hy do we have a global brand?
Brand Promise vs. Brand Experience: an evolution

2.0 The Brand Experience

An overview
Our competitors
Our target audiences
Physical manifestations

3.0 Filter tool – how to use the Brand Experience in practice

Assessing your results
Finding support

Brand Experience Toolkit

1.0 – History of the AIESEC brand
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

History of the AIESEC brand
The global AIESEC brand as we know it today was launched by AIESEC International in 2004. The first Brand Toolkit
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It is important that you are aware of such similar organizations and the work they are doing so that you are able to identify how AIESEC differs from their activities and what we offer to our target audiences vs. what our competitors offer to them.

Brand Experience Toolkit

2.3 – Our target audiences
Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Our target audiences
As seen from our Balance Scorecard, our target audiences can be divided into three distinct groups of people: 


 Enablers (TN takers, mentors and learning/content partners), and
 Supporters (financial and in-kind partners, Board of Advisors)
The kinds of characteristics we would be looking for in potential members, enablers and supporters include:
Characteristics for potential members:

Young people – recent graduates and students
Youth interested in world issues
Those who enjoy challenges
Open minded active learners
Those with an interest in leadership development
Passionate and determined
Those looking for learning and development opportunities

Brand Experience Toolkit

2.3 – Our target audiences

Brand Experience Toolkit [August 2007]

Characteristics for potential enablers:

TN takers o Companies expanding to other countries o Companies that needs and employees with specific characteristics o Companies with strong CSR or a


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