Personal Code of Ethics

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Morals, values, and ethics are one of the most important characteristics of a person. These features define who we are and what we believe in. Many different factors come in to play when determining a person`s morals, values, and ethics; childhood upbringing, later life experiences, family, friends, culture, religious beliefs, race, discussions with others, and many others that have an affect a person’s beliefs (Head, 2006). There are times when a person`s beliefs do not agree with someone else’s, which does not mean that one of these people is wrong, it means that we, as individuals, do not all think the same. As a whole, most people have a good sense of right and wrong, which is to say that for the most part most people have good morals, …show more content…
I do not discriminate against anyone because of race, gender, creed, national origin, age, or disability and have taught my children the same. I preserve the integrity of personal information, if someone comes to me with confidential information, they know without a doubt it will not be disclosed to anyone. I also respect, promote, and contribute to a work place that is safe, healthy, and free of harassment of any form (American Correctional Association Code of Ethics, 2008). My personal code of ethics does not differ from the professional code of ethics of a correctional officer, except that my personal code is not based on professional duties only, it is based on the realities of life in every aspect. The correctional officers unwritten code states that the acceptance of the use of force, the preference toward redefining job roles to meet only minimum requirements, and the willingness to use deceit to cover up wrongdoing are evident in their subculture (Thomson/Wadsworth, Ch 12, p 320, 2005), I do not agree with this behavior in any way. I do agree with going to the aid of any individual and not using or bringing drugs to anyone. As to the “don`t rat” unwritten code, “never rat out an officer to an inmate, and never cooperate in an investigation or, worse yet, testify against a fellow officer in regard to that officer’s treatment of inmates” (Thomson/Wadsworth, Ch


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