Teacher Handbook

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Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities
Samantha Schroeder
Grand Canyon University

EDA 555

October 09, 2012

Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities Deciding to be a school teacher does not mean one has to throw away their rights granted by the United States Constitution. Teachers are required to maintain moral and ethical behavior but their rights as citizens are not taken away. Teachers should understand that they are always teachers and role models whether they are in the classroom or not and should always maintain a professional demeanor when in the public eye. Teachers are held to a higher standard in their actions and behaviors because of their employment position. Teachers influence and mold the ideas and thought of
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Teacher’s wishing to make personal statements must do so on their personal time and may not use school district property or telecommunications to do so. Teachers may not make public statements during the time period of when they are working as employees of the school district. Teachers may not use school equipment including: computers, phones, cameras, recording devices, or video cameras, to product personal statements. Using the school telecommunication means, like the school board electronic mail system, is prohibited. All email sent through the school boards is property of the school board and can be used in teacher liabilities.
Freedom of religion
Teachers reserve the right to practice any religion they choose on their free time and outside of the classroom. The school will not discriminate against individuals based on religion. Due to Title VII, the school must make reasonable accommodations for employee’s religious beliefs (Essex, 2012). Teachers may not bring their personal religious beliefs into the classroom. Teachers may not bring their religion into the classroom in an effort to persuade student beliefs. Teachers may not use their classroom as a platform to preach personal religious beliefs or discuss religion that is not curriculum based.
Employment rights and responsibilities
Individuals seeking employment with the school district have the right to not be discriminated against based on Title VII of the


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