Wnz Media Case Study

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WNZ Media Corporation Case 1. Based on a careful reading of the case answer the following questions and then complete the table below. In the table below, list in column 1 the most important operational (transactional) activities (i.e. day-to-day work) at WNZ Media Corporation as it operates its business and competes in its markets. Then in column 2 describe the information required to enable or support each of those operations-level requirements.

a. Employing the MIS Integrative Framework (posted on blackboard for this Session Assignment), what is the primary business focus/driver of WNZ Media (i.e. operational excellence, customer intimacy, product/service innovation) and why did you make this choice?

The primary
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The tables, records, fields, primary keys, etc will keep all these information in order so no transaction is overlooked. | Network Management System | A network management system will benefit the company by monitoring their network. Customers will be streaming video, reading articles, listening to radio over their network, and if there is an unnoticed problem with the network then there is no way for customers to read their articles, look at the advertising, and for WNZ to make money. | Web Server (Apache) | A web server will allow them to design the online format for the articles and media they sell via the web. A good web server will allow them to design a better vehicle for their product, and therefore make them more money. | Security (encryption, firewalls, physical access controls) | They will need security to protect all their information. The personal information of their employees is very valuable, as is all the media and journalism they produce. It is the core of their business, and if it were corrupted, they would be screwed. | Output | There will need to be a way for WNZ to view the articles, audio, and video they have produced for editing. A projector would allow multiple people to edit together. Basic monitors would work for many purposes. | Input |