Comparing and Contrasting the British Cuisine with the Indian Cuisine

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Comparing and Contrasting the British Cuisine with the Indian Cuisine
A cuisine is a traditional method or style of cooking, which is usually related to a particular culture. Cuisine can be considered as an aspect of the culture of a country in countless ways. For example, religion has a great influence on food in Muslim countries where people tend to eat all types of meat except pork. In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the British cuisine with that of my own country, the Indian cuisine. There are both, very interesting similarities and differences that one can notice in the traditional cuisines of both these countries which may, in fact, prove to be quite interesting. I think both of these cuisines are different yet so
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Another dish also originated from the Indian cuisine is the Mulligatawny soup, which is also very popular in the west. (Jennifer Brennan, 1990)
As I have mentioned before, in my opinion, both these cuisines are different yet so much alike. Even though both cuisines have many differences that make them their own uniquely distinct cuisines, from my experience, I found there to be more similarities than differences. References
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