Johnson & Johnson Analysis Report

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Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is the world’s second largest and mostly broadly based manufacturer of health care products. The company holds a significant share of the consumer and pharmaceutical markets, and is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of medical treatment and diagnostic devices.

Johnson & Johnson the global American medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer package goods manufacturer started when Robert Wood Johnson was inspired by a speech. Robert Johnson then teamed up with his two brothers Edward Mead Johnson and James Wood Johnson to make a line of surgical dressings in the year 1885. A year later, the company rolled out its range of products. Immediately after that year, the company was a legal
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Medical Devices and Diagnotics - 40% of 2010 Revenue, $8.3 billion net earnings. Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of medical treatment and diagnostic devices. This segment includes a wide variety of equipment and supplies used mostly in the professional fields, by physicians, nurses, therapists, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and clinics.

Consumer Health Care – 24% of 2010 Revenue, $2.3 billion net earnings.
Consumer products are non-prescription health care products marketed directly to the general public. Johnson & Johnson has diverse franchises in over the counter pharmaceuticals and nutritional, skin care, baby & kids care and women’s health products.

Research and Development - $6.8 billion in 2010. Researching and developing new drugs is most important considering when identifying the prospects of any pharmaceutical company.

Financially, Johnson & Johnson is extremely stable. Their operations are diverse, and their balance sheet is superb. The balance sheet for JNJ over the past three years indicate a long term debt of 9,156,000, but a little less than that in 2009 and 2008. So the debt of the company seemed to have increased. The research from the offers a snapshot of how Johnson & Johnson is striving in the financial market. Their market capitalization is about $181.71


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