Performance Management

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Diploma in Management and Leadership

UNIT S8003 – Performance Management

Julie Rowcliffe November 2012

Task 1 A.C. 1.1 Explain the links between Individual, team and organisational objectives A.C. 1.2 Identify the selection of and agree individual and team objectives A.C. 1.3 Identify and agree areas of individual and team responsibility in achieving objectives Introduction Edinburgh College is going through major change at the moment with the merger of 3 Edinburgh College’s coming together. Our new principal is in place and is currently setting the new management structure and organisational objectives for the next 5 years. Edinburgh College must find alternative
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4.2 Find ways for improvement I would observe staff’s work, listen carefully to staff and their views and questions and give them feedback on ways of improvement, possibly mentoring another assessor if there is a weakness in an area that another excels in and close regular meetings to provide support. Performance appraisal 5.1 Self Appraisal I would collect performance records from various sources look at achievement rates and prepare performance results and supporting documents. 5.2 Performance Appraisal I would have a one to one meeting with individuals do discuss performance and would use SDS’s benchmark % performance to calculate how successful their performance is this again would be linked back to their performance goal agreement. 5.3 Confirm Appraisal results This would be done in a one to one meeting with recorded notes of appraisal results and feedback with any actions required. Job Appraisal These are carried out by way of Staff Development Reviews (SDR’s) or Performance Development Reviews (PDR’s) these are used for staff with income responsibilities within Edinburgh College. These reviews are carried out yearly by managers and their staff, objectives and goals are measured from the previous year where they were set and are looked at and graded as; achieved, partially achieved or not achieved. Job Analysis At this stage, the essence of jobs (accountabilities) within an organization is clarified, and major


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