BSBMGT502B Manage People Performance

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Why is it necessary to consult relevant groups and individuals about the work to be allocated and the resources they will need?
Because it is essential that the correct resources are put into place in order to operate successfully. It's important to find the best methods of distribution, disbursement, and management of resources. It's also important to track the resources to determine whether their need is relevant and cost effective. By consulting with individuals it gives them ownership, allows them to contribute, and makes them aware of the goals and targets.

What resources might be required in a business organisation?
- Human resources.
- Educational/training resources.
- Financial resources.
- Physical resources / equipment and
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If there is a difference then it needs to be looked at.

Write a paragraph explaining why you think performance evaluations are necessary and the method/s that you consider might best be used. Explain and justify your answer.
Performance evaluations are necessary for many reasons.
- They provide valuable feedback from both parties
- They recognize future development needs
- They give an understanding of how the employee is doing and how well they think they are doing
- They outline improvement that may be needed
- They determine whether the requirements of the job match the original job description
- They determine whether the tasks are achievable or whether they're too simple
- They can also bring up issues in operations that may have gone unnoticed
The job description method is a good performance evaluation to use. Providing the description is up to date it can identify clearly whether the employee is doing their job correctly and to the required standard. However, this method needs to be used carefully as it can reverse growth of an employee as their extra work efforts and duties can go unnoticed and not seem appreciated.
By using the job description method along with a standard evaluation form that both parties can fill out, will give a better indication of where the employee stands with consistency and quality of work.

Why is it necessary that performance monitoring and evaluation be a continuous process?
To ensure continuous progress and that