HRM 561 Week 4

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To: Traci Goldman
Date: July 20, 2015
Week 4 - Large Company Summary

Hello Traci, I will be putting together some recommendations based on the current business strategy to increase performance. I will be choosing different topics that will produce a successful performance plan that the large corporation can identify areas for improvement and areas of expertise. I understand that Bollman Hotels is projecting to retain its 15% net revenue for the first year of operations in India and will be growing its employment rate by 20%. It is imperative to come up with a strategy to maximize performance and try to minimize the 5% turnover rate. In order to achieve these numbers I will need to look at the topics
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By ensuring that the front desk check in staff is well trained with their job functions and procedures to keep wait time down with no errors, will ensure for positive evaluations and higher customer ratings. This is something that will trickle down from management to all positions within the hotel. Determining qualifications and measurable processes through trainings, education, and feedback, is the key component to successful job analysis processes.
4. Methods used for measuring and employee’s skills mostly utilized is the management by objective process where measuring and appraisals are mainly used. This relies on goal setting to establish objectives for the organization as a whole for all areas of the hotel, as well as suited for all employees within. Management and employees’ need to come together, discuss, and agree on to determine a timeframe to accomplish all these tasks and goals, and to ensure they are aligned with the overall goals of the organization. The steps will then be laid out to come up with deadlines and processes. Using a graphic rating scale will be the best way to ensure time constraints. It will rate objectives on a point system and is measurable by management. This process will allow management to complete a satisfactory evaluation of job performance by each employee to effectively determine improvement, and areas in need of improvement. Along with the management by objective, behaviorally


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