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A smart, well turned out, soft spoken officer____________ exhibits an exemplary demeanour and conduct in any group or situation. He is mature, decisive and accomplishes desired results without supervision. The officer is persevering and shows exceptional resourcefulness in tackling unforeseen events effectively. Is absolutely honest and utterly loyal to the organisation. Has well developed and ripened mental faculties and provides whole hearted co-operation for his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. The officer is articulate, intelligent, well read, professionally sound, practical and possesses a clear comprehension of tactical concepts and administration.


An extremely methodical hardworking and competent
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His adm abilities are noticeable and praiseworthy.

A professionally competence, personal conduct and extraordinary leadership abilities. He has a well rounded personality to represent the country abroad in any forum and assignment.

The offr and his wife are socially adaptable, have pleasing manners and positive out look to professional and social reqmts of his service.

------ is an asset to the org, both in war and peace and has bright future in the Army.

(Arty/Engr/Sigs CO)

A spirited, very mature and immaculately turned out officer with an impressive military bearing, ------------ is an inspiring leader who always leads from the front, setting an example for all to follow. Quick on the uptake with discriminating common sense, he is fluent in his communication skills. Altruistic and a Spartan for discipline, the officer remains imperturbable under stress and has a humane attitude towards his subordinates. A live wire he is decisive, assured and resolute. Utterly devoted to the service, he is resilient and punctilious. He exhibits all the desirable traits of personality and leadership for higher command and other assignments, making him eminently suitable for command of any type of formation.

As the CO of -------------------, the officer has performed exceedingly well, fully comprehending the operational, training and adm reqmts of his comd and doing all that is in his power to


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