F Williams MKTG340 U2IP

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Unit 2 Individual Project 1

Foluke’ O. Williams
American Intercontinental University
Instructor C. Xecominos
Project Type: MKTG340 Unit 2 Individual Project

Unit 2 Individual Project 2

In today’s media society journalist and marketing public relations professionals are very comparable in many ways. Both jobs involve writing and collecting information so it can be edited for mass media play. These two also has its differences one relies on facts while the other collect and edit data.

Unit 2 Individual Project 3

In this research explaining journal ethics and marketing public relations it is safe to say that both jobs have similar goals, replacing one with the other would be
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State governments continue to remunerate elected officials, but since the American people were able to win votes towards job benefits smaller governments were able to maintain programs of those health care benefits.
Business #1 Media or Non­Media Connector

Unit 2 Individual Project 5

In the business a non media connector can be any person who monitor, analyzes or shares information about a product or industry. In government warehouse facilities relationships connected in these ways to facilitate supply chain functions of obtaining quality, logistics and information. Online stores such as amazon.com or eBay.com are non media connectors that users use to watch items get purchase on the market.
Media Mention Opportunity for Business #1
This concept is to use government go green projects from large companies such as BMW,
CBS, sustainable industries and advancing automotive sustainability. In particular work that was found by small to medium size firms and conglomerates do not really blueprint for their media relations and have a restricted amount of expertise of those ideas. Nevertheless bigger firms and organizations have a vast knowledge of media relations and exercise it as a forceful public relation gadget (Khodarahmi, 2009).
Business #2
Hospitality outlets are considered some of the prevalent organization across the southern