Early Childhood Curriculum

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Discuss Early Childhood Curriculum approaches: Compare and Contrast of High/Scope, Reggio and Te Whariki

Introduction: Early Childhood is an important stage of children’s life. By interacting with people around (each other and the adults), children explore and make sense of the world around them. A successful early childhood curriculum should fulfill children’s need to give children rich experience at the most important developmental stage of their lives. This paper will critically discuss, compare and contrast High/Scope, Reggio Emilia to Te Whariki, at the end of this paper the author will talk about own philosophy of early childhood education.

Hi/Scope Curriculum was developed in US in 1962 in Michcigan, this programme was designed
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Another key element of High/Scope is Assessment. In High/Scope settings, teachers assess children’s development with comprehensive observations, they record daily anecdotes describing what children do and says. Teachers review these anecdotes and rate each child using an assessment tool that is organized into six areas of development several times a year. These scores will help the teachers design developmentally appropriate learning opportunities and can be used to explain children’s progress during conferences (Holt, 2007)

Holt stressed that there are five basic ingredients of High/Scope approch: a variety of interesting Materials; the opportunity to explore and work with materials-Manipulation; the opportunity to choose materials and decide how to use them- Choice; children talk about their experiences and learning-Language; Support for adult. (Holt, 2007, p,13)

Roopnarine and Johnson argued that teachers new to the High/Scope curriculum sometimes confusing about their roles. They should see themselves as actively observers and setting up problem solving situations for children (Roopnarine and Johnson, 2003).

Generally, Sheinehart described the Validity of the High/Scope Reschool Education Model as:
“The High/Scope model of preschool education is an open framework of educational ideas and practices based on the natural development of young children, developed by David Weikart and his


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