Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications

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Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications
Business Information Systems

Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications
Since 1955 the McDonald’s Corporation has become the largest and best known fast food franchise in the world. Employing over 1.8 million employees, with over 34,000 restaurants and 5000 franchises worldwide, McDonald’s Corporation serves over 69 million customers a day (McDonalds, 2013). To meet that challenge, McDonald’s Corporation has developed signature software and hardware to maintain operations at a pace known to no other restaurant chain.

The operating system and software applications used by McDonald’s restaurants. It will describe how the operating
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PC-POS stores information that can be used by managers and corporate to keep track of sales, payroll, supplies orders, store performance, and inventory.

The McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s leading fast food retailer. With an impressive world-wide sales record and an overwhelming franchise base, they are poised to maintain a competitive advantage over any other fast food organization (McDonalds, 2013). The operating system and software applications used by the corporation’s restaurants. It described how the operating system and applications helped the company reach its objectives, and the functions of computer hardware components used in the organization. Finally, example were provided of input hardware, output hardware, and storage hardware and described how they are used by the McDonald’s Corporation fast food chain.

Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications Table
The McDonald’s Corporation

Operating Systems
Horizontal-Market Applications
Vertical-Market Applications
Market Applications
Point of Sale System

McDonald’s proprietary hardware and software.
Proprietary software and hardware equivalent to most fast food automated register systems.
Limited applications outside fast food market. Possibility of use in retail operations with limited inventory.
Not applicable; specific to fast food chain restaurants or small retail establishments.

How it


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