Gps to Go Takes on Garmin Assignment #2

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Analyze the personality and temperament of Joseph Thomas Determining someone’s personality temperament is a difficult thing to do even with regular contact with an individual. Personality temperaments are tendencies individuals have and are not set standards how one will always act. Given the difficulty in analyzing a person’s temperament with personal knowledge of an individual all comments regarding Joseph Thomas’ personality temperament are purely speculations based on the short commentary we were given in the book. Having said that it is possible to have an idea of who a person is based on what they focus on as my psychology professor use to say. Joseph Thomas has a lot of focus on logistics within the commentary on the GPS to GO …show more content…

While Joseph lead the project the three teams preparing the items understood that it was ultimately Scott who needed to be pleased. This “two” leader view can cause problems for a project leader, because it sometimes teams may not pay attention to what one says believing that the higher individual will see the importance of the decision that the team made. In the first stage of initiating Joseph does not appear to be that involved with the process Scott is front and center and instructing the teams. The three teams take their queues and directions from him, and the concerns that Joseph raises do not seem to get the attention that they should. This continued to happen through out the project. Joseph does not seem so much as the project manager during this phase as just the logistics person and the number cruncher. The second phase of planning, while Joseph is involved and voicing concerns regarding things being used to make the devices common to each other, the teams did not seem to listen to the valuable advice that he was giving them to make better more profitable products. The teams were set on the date goal, and they didn’t pay attention to the money goal. Scott had set both goals, and there was no room for debate on the final data. Joseph was left with dates and projected devices costs that were difficult to expect good results from. Joseph again did not look like a project manager here as much as a logistics person, and number