Argumentative Research Paper: Parents Responsible for Childhood Obesity

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“Parental behavioral patterns concerning shopping, cooking, eating and exercise have an important influence on a child’s energy, balance and ultimately their weight” said diet specialist, Anne Collins (“Childhood Obesity Facts”). Childhood obesity has more than tripled since the 1980’s (“Childhood Obesity Facts”). Childhood obesity often leads to obesity as an adult which can put a person at greater risks dealing with the heart, diabetes, and many other obese related diseases. People want to blame the schools and today’s technology for childhood obesity, in reality, the responsibility lies in the hands of their parents. Parents are at fault for childhood obesity. The job of a parent is to teach a child wrong from right, including their …show more content…

A person must practice good habits before doing so though. Parents are increasing the risk of these diseases by not teaching a child how to properly take care of their body. “One USDA study found that kids consuming school lunch regularly were more likely to be overweight” (“Childhood Obesity: Are Schools Responsible?”). If a child knows how to make the right decision in what to eat and what is the best for them, it should not matter where they are. Schools have to supply healthy foods. Healthy food items are available for everyone, so you cannot blame the schools. Cafeterias sell a la carte snack items and serve lunches which are, arguably, not nutritionally sound (“Childhood Obesity: Are Schools Responsible?”). Just because a school puts out unhealthy items and advertises them does not mean you have to buy and consume the item. The reason schools have them out is because people continue to buy them. Kids and teenagers are only at school for one, maybe two meals out of the day. The majority of meals happen outside of school, inside the home. Parents just do not want to take the blame for making their kids fat so they blame schools for not teaching them how to take care of their body correctly. Parents are at fault for the obesity of children. Teaching right habits can make for a long living healthy lifestyle. If you raise a child on good habits, it will not be hard for them to follow in the same footsteps and continue that lifestyle into their adulthood.


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