Film Studies Movie Analysis - Insidious

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“Insidious” is a 2010 horror movie centralizing around the lives of protagonists Renai (Rose Byrne) and her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson). The movie mainly focuses on the supernatural activity going on within the house, and it is later revealed that the cause of the hauntings is due to demons attempting to take over the body of their unconscious son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins).
The scene I have chosen to use from “Insidious”is the scene in which Renai sees and peruses a demon resembling a small Victorian child in her house. The extract begins 38:07 into the film and ends at 41:41. I have chosen to focus on the camerawork and sound in this particular scene as I believe they are both used to an excellent standard to create the
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As Renai approaches the spot where the child was standing, the record player stops, and momentarily leaves the audience with no sound other than the sound of Renai pacing. The camera also slowly approaches the character, giving the impression that whatever it was that was in the house is still close, and getting closer. Suddenly, the kitchen door closes, and the sound of the hinges squeaking is amplified to make it clear that Renai could hear the noise. As she goes to investigate the now closed door, the “child” from before is seen running past the spot where Renai was standing only moments ago, giggling at Renai, most likely as she fell for his juvenile prank.
The “child” runs down the hallway and is standing at the end of it when we next see him, again through a P.O.V shot from Renai’s perspective. He quickly runs in to the room beside him when Renai sees him, and beginning to giggle again. The heightened sound of the “child’s” laughter emphasises that this demon has no intention of hurting Renai, but, in my opinion, simply sees her as an amusing aside and that he simply wants to play with her, regardless of the intruding and terrifying way he does so. We next see Renai slowly going down the hallway to follow the child. This is done with a tracking shot, and then a P.O.V shot of her looking down the hallway, showing her hesitance to approach the room with the sound of her footsteps being heightened. Upon