Audie Murphy: to Hell and Back Book Report

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OC Person, Darius J.
3 June 2012

Audie Murphy: To Hell and Back Book Report

Lt. Audie L. Murphy’s name stands as one of the most prominent in American military history. He was a figurehead of leadership and the epitome of the seven Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage). He was a model for every soldier to follow, one that overcame every odd that was ever against him and rose to conquer every challenge. In his personal memoir “To Hell and Back”, he expressed a very personal view of what it takes to embody these characteristics which would eventually encourage anyone who reads it. In the next few paragraphs I will expound on his leadership and analyze what it really takes
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Regretting the decision of being in combat, his selfless service caused him to drive on. Serving with him were the animated characters of “Horseface” Johnson (the storyteller), Kerrigan, “Snuffy” Jones (preacher), Mike Novak (the Polish), Valentino, Bergman (blue-eyed Swede), Jackoby (the arrogant kid), Thompson (the deserter), Swope (the Cherokee), Sanchez, Drago (the Italian), Anderson, Cooper, Mason, Ward… etc and of course Lattie Tipton aka Brandon (the close friend). Personal courage and selfless service were shown by Audie Murphy in all his interactions with these soldiers. To give a few accounts I will start with his actions in Salerno, shortly after Sicily. Murphy and his close band of brothers were ambushed by German soldiers; Murphy quickly took charge and moved the men to cover in a quarry. When the German soldiers pressed in they were stopped by intense machine gun fire. Although Murphy and his men sustained casualties, they killed several German men and captured the rest. Due to his leadership and actions he was quickly promoted to sergeant. While at the Volturno River, in the cold mountains of Anzio beachhead, he witnessed more deaths of his fellow companions while he displayed more acts of valor teaching the new replacements soldiers the basics of battle and keeping his emotions in