Transformational Leadership Literature Review

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For centuries leaders have been analyzed in order to determine what the traits and characteristics of a successful leader are. Leadership, as defined by Koontz and Weihrich (2008) is “the art or a process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of group goals” (p. 311). Leadership plays an important role in employee’s participation, creativity, recruitment to an organization, their commitment to the organization, and productivity levels. Over the years, there have been a number of theories surrounding leadership such as the “Great Man” theory, which, according to Riaz and Haider (2010), “assumes that leaders are born and have innate qualities, therefore, leaders
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16). To remain competitive in today’s global market, an organization’s human resources require the ability to think for themselves and act in a reasonable and timely manner in order to complete the sale, ship a product, and/or resolve various conflicts, in order to help achieve individual goals as well as driving the organization towards the accomplishments of established strategic initiatives. Leaders today no longer have the luxury, or the capacity, to sit idly by, waiting for their subordinates to bring issues to them for rectification. In the study by Ismail, A., Mohamed, H.A., Sulaiman, A.Z., Mohamad, M.H., & Yusuf, M.H., (2011) on the link between transformational leaders and organizational commitment, they found that , “the ability of leaders to delegate the power and responsibility of controlling, making and sharing decisions to their followers will encourage them using their intellectuals and fullest potentials to overcome job obstacles, understanding the targeted goals and supporting the organizational interests” (p. 92).
While much research has shown that by instilling a sense of ownership and pride within followers through the inspirational motivation of empowerment, transformational


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