Organizational Impact Paper

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Organizational Impact Paper

Organizational Impact Paper
University of Phoenix
Cathy M. Espy-Cook
Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage
John Fleharty
December 6, 2010

Organizational Impact Paper
The impact that innovation has on an organization is significant. Defining what innovation, creativity, and design are to and organization and the impact it can have on an organization. When an organization looks at innovation the company should be looking for a new way to do something. To expect change in innovation cannot be avoided in this changing and competitive world of business, changes will always be necessary to stay competitive. The three organizations I have chosen are Southwest Airlines, IBM
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IBM International Business Machines Corporation has been a leader in the computer technology industry since the 1950s. The innovative impact that IBM has had since the 1950s has been significant and creative. Their computer innovations cover hardware, operating systems, and various applications, (for example) in the 1960s IBM developed COBOL it was one of the first and most popular language until the 1980s. By 1981 IBM introduces the personal computer with the Intel 8088 processor, which is in use in the majority of personal computers today.
IBM provides elite innovation services and products to its clients.” IBM innovates with E&TS to hold a new innovation standard called Innovation Networks i.e. a new market ecosystem that allow firms to merge effortlessly. By tapping E&TS' Innovation Network services, firms can reduce product development costs- Clients can save costs by leveraging IBM's existing IP instead of designing from scratch” (Brainmass, 2008.). This method helps to decrease the time-to-market and the methods and processes that E&TS uses such as six sigma and integrated product development helps the clients with his or her product development and reduces the snags and increases time-to-market. “Gain on demand access to critical IP and specific engineering skills- Since, electronics and software are increasingly used in cars,


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