Organizational Communication: Processes Underlying Communication Success and Failure

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In our discussion group, when someone do not agree with other’s opinions we can discuss directly and asking questions. Face-to-face communication can encourage people to continue the discussion as well. When someone can’t speak fluently, others will help him or her to keep on talking, for example, gives some door opener questions or paraphrase his or her arguments. Face-to-face encounters tend to go on longer than other forms of communication. However, when our group buddies have a face-to-face conversation, each of us has made an effort to the meeting. We have probably spent longer talking together in order to have a better discussion about our topic.

Self-awareness also makes us do a better job on our group work. The more you know about yourself, the greater you will feel emotionally and the more adapt you will become at dealing with situations. Self-awareness is one's own knowledge and assessment, including their mental aptitude, personality characteristics and psychological understanding of psychological processes and evaluation. If someone can realize what he or she good at and the weakness of themselves, they can do the job better. People evaluate themselves accurately which can help them to work more efficiently. One of the most important things in doing


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