What Is the Difference Between the Battlefield and the Battlespace, and How Will This Difference Shape Conflict in the 21st Century?

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Assignment 4
What is the difference between the battlefield and the battlespace, and how will this difference shape conflict in the 21st century?

Introduction Technology is changing conflict, not only by improving the tools used in conflict but the spaces conflicts are held. Conflicts are moving from the traditional “field” of battle, in which two opposing militaries faced each other and charged, to long range missiles, urban warfare and cyber warfare. This paper will explain the differences between “battlefield” and “battlespace” and explain how these differences will expand and change the way the world views and deals with conflict in the 21st century. In order to explain the differences this paper will be written in a linear
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The move from “battlefield” to “battlespace” continues to change with the current war in Afghanistan. No longer is there a line drawn in the sand in which we know where the enemy is and how they will attack. The guerrilla warfare being fought means any territory “won” by NATO could be recaptured by improvised explosive devices overnight. The only real “lines in the sand” are the borders of the nations involved. Technological advancements in warfare such as unmanned aerial vehicles mean not only is the space battles are being fought changing but the ability to gain intelligence on positions and terrain, without jeopardizing soldiers lives is also a possibility. Canada has been developing and changing its military doctrine since the end of WWII. With developments and advancements such as nuclear sub detection and the creation of the Avro Arrow during the Cold War and its involvement in Peacekeeping missions around the world, Canada has been meeting the challenges of changing from battlefields to battlespace. Becoming involved in unions such as NATO and NORAD the partnerships in defence Canada has built means it no longer relies solely on Britain for doctrine and advice.
The Future Developments in technology mean that the battlespace is constantly changing. The use and development of unmanned vehicles, aircraft and weapons mean war is becoming


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