Balancing Culture and Growth at Starbucks

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Balancing Culture and Growth at Starbucks

Howard Schultz and His Effective Way of Harmonizing Culture and Growth Due to His Passion and Commitment to Starbucks

Starbucks, which is one of the most well known companies that succeeded in spreading its brand across the globe created its own cozy environment and maximized sales due to its understanding of the organizational culture and its potential growth. The case study explores how Howard Schultz created culture of the organization based on the values of the company and sharing common purposes within the employees of self esteem, self respect, and appreciation. Culture of Starbucks supported its strategy because he maintained a way of life that was based on the goal of
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Schultz didn’t look for modest performance enhancements; however he looked for achieving and maintaining outstanding results. Schultz was able to set Starbucks main goals which included growth while maintaining the culture of the organization. In addition; Schultz said, “Now that I have provided you with a list of some of the underlying issues that I believe we need to solve, let me say at the outset that we have all been part of these decisions” (183). This demonstrates that he was able to increase participation of employees in the organizational decision making by enhancing motivation to achieve outstanding goals.
Schultz carried all the self respect, self esteem, and appreciation towards the entire employees of Starbuck and that’s why they didn’t resist any change within the organization including technological change, behavioral change, and most important change which is growth. This shows that the behavior of the employees and their norms of how the employees are ought to behave positively affected the performance of the company. Moreover, Schultz was able to develop long-term adaptive behaviors and succeeded at linking those behaviors to job performance by motivating the staff which led to competitive advantage. In addition, Schultz focused on a main goal within his organization which was maintaining good partnership


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