Apple Company Organizational Structure

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Organizational Design and Structure:
Apple’s Structure
Ciara Smith
MGM 255, Colorado Technical University


In this paper I will discuss the six key elements of an organization’s structure as well as identify and diagram 1 organizational structure that can be applied to Apple. I will also, analyze 1 strategy that seems to be working well for Apple and 1 that needs improvement. Additionally, I will discuss how the organizational structure will help reinforce what is working well and what needs to be improved.

The six key elements of an organization’s structure are:

Work Specialization, Departmentalization, Chain of Command, Span of Control, Centralization and Decentralization, and Formalization.

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Work specialization focuses on meeting a daily output goal and all the employees are specialist in the area they work within. Given the size of Apple and the amount of employees they have as well as their ability to produce so many products and majority of those products are successful it would take a organizational structure like work specialization to have a good outcome. Being a leader in technology in an era such as this where almost everything we do involves some form of technology it is very important that Apple stays on top of things by constantly looking for creative ways to upgrade the products and services they already offer, along with creating new products and services that quench the desire of those who are techie as well as those who just like to have new gadgets. One of the strategies Apple has used to help make them a success lately has been using the media and relying on them to announce Apples new products and their reviews of how well and efficient their products work to do the majority of the marketing for them. Along with using the media Apple also relies a lot on product placement. Allowing their products to be showcased by stars and in movies and television shows. On the other hand there is one area that can use some improving and that is with their mobile devices. Since Apple just stepped into the mobile arena they have to spend a lot of time and money on


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