corporate strategy-sony

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1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
2.1. Overall Company Background
2.2. Brief proportion of business
3. From Core Competency to Diversification
3.1. Core Competency
3.2. Joint Venture and Diversification
3.3. Restructuring
4. Today’s Sony
5. Recommendation
6. Conclusion
7. Reference

1. Executive Summary
Sony started the business as a small electronics shop and after 67 years hard works, Sony has became one of leading entertainment company in the world now. Keep innovate on new technology is one of the core element to make continue success of Sony. Moreover, Sony has became a global conglomerate corporate group, so to keep organization growth and sustain in a long run, corporate
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It assisted Sony entered the Digital SLR market, and Sony launched the first DSLR in year 2006.
Barber and Goold (2007) suggested the portfolios are not strongly linked would create contribution to the shareholder of the public company. Above joint venture, acquisition demonstrated Sony’s strategic move is not concentrating on related businesses, thus the corporate strategy sustain Sony’s growth.

3.3 Restructure
Norio Ohga was the person who changed Sony’s organization structure. Based on his insight on the Japan’s institutional context, he believed in that the core competencies businesses were not sufficiently competing with industry rivalries. Restructuring strategy would diagnose the weakness and identify the new business opportunities or phase out the non-profit business (Porter, 1987). Ohga established business group system; consumer electronic products, professional products and OEM component business to respond the challenge. The organization structure was redesigned, and business group governance was moved to corporate level and business units autonomously operated under Sony Corporation.

4 Today’s Sony
Sony is ranked 87th on the 2012 list of fortune global 500 (Fortune Global 500 2012). Although technology breakthrough cause some of the competencies deteriorated, but Sony is still continuously developing their core competencies and keep them apply, share


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