Oregon Trail - Women

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Roles of Women on the Oregon Trail

Part I: What I know Women didn’t have it very easy on the Oregon Trial. They had many chores/jobs they had to get done. And those jobs were no walk in the park. They were hard, laborious, and dirty jobs. They were also often “handed” these jobs. Women were often taken granted for. In the men’s minds, they were trivial, but that was far from true. If women hadn’t gone on the Oregon Trail, it probably wouldn’t have gotten that far. Women and girls play a big rule in Women and girls had to adjust to very rough conditions.

Part II: What I want to know

I would like to know why were women treated lesser than men? How did women adjust so quickly and “silently”. I want to find out if women ever were
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Often times, they had to bury their children (Pioneers West Women). Women had many children on the trail to help with chores and things like that. Women did have to burry more than one of their children, though. Women adjusted very well to the conditions of the Trail, though. They faced the hardships with courage. Even agreeing to go on the Oregon Trail was considered courage. Women had a very prominent effect on the Oregon Trail, which will not be forgotten. They were probably what made the journey successful. Because think about it, what would happen if women hadn’t gone? There probably wouldn’t be any “home”-made meals, and it would just be rolls with bacon or something. Men probably wouldn’t have done very well on the other side, too. The affect that women had on the trail was bigger than you could imagine, and I think that we just overlook them most of the time. Women who convinced their husbands to go on the Oregon Trail journey were very courageous. They were courageous because they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, and still wanted to go anyway. Now, in my opinion, that is true courage. Pioneer women, in my opinion too, were probably the most courageous people that I know of. They went on the Oregon Trail even though they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into; and knowing that the end result would be worth it. Women’s jobs on the Oregon Trail weren’t easy.


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