The Journey of Crazy Horse

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The Journey of Crazy Horse is a biography written by Joseph M. Marshall, III. It was copyrighted in 2004 and published by the Penguin Group in London. Joseph goes and takes a legend, and shows you that behind the legend of Crazy Horse that he was just a man, like the rest of us. But not only that, he shows us part of the way of the Lakota life during the life of Crazy Horse and how that had changed with the invasion of the whites. The story stars with a little boy born, who is the son of Crazy Horse. This boy is different from the others with the unusually lighter hair color, which gave him his name of Light Hair. This difference is a source of teasing from the other boys. In the early years of his life, we learn that not only is he …show more content…

With some time to breathe, the moved the camp and decided on what to do next. But since the action had started to die down, more and more of the Lakota start moving back to where they were from, or to agencies for being tired of fighting. Eventually Crazy Horse leaves Sitting Bull, and Sitting Bull takes his people north, into Canada to escape the wraith of the U.S. military. After his success with Sitting Bull, more of the younger men joined with Crazy Horse, and they still fought to preserve the Lakota way of life. As the harshest winter set in, and in a time of need, Red Cloud shows up at Crazy Horse’s camp with gifts. He also comes with the message that life is easier on the agency, all you have to do is come and give up your weapons and horses. Later in the winter, after Red Cloud had left, camp Crazy Horse also gets a visit from his uncle, Sitting Bull. He had also come from the agency with gifts, and with a message. That if he were to come to give in his weapons and horses, that he would get his own agency to the north. Crazy Horse tells him that he will have his answer when the snow breaks. When spring comes that year, Crazy Horse had decided to give up on the fight for the sake of his people. He meets with the soldiers at Camp Robinson. As all the Lakota’s eyes are on Crazy Horse, he is the first to give his horse, and to give his weapons. His followers, with some hesiation, follow suite. Crazy Horse was not given an agency in the north. The leader of the


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