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Educational Leadership in a Changing World
Grand Canyon University: EDA 575
Communication/ Human Relations Essay
February 20, 2013
Rodney Milliner
Ginnette Hamilton
Shannon Rochon

Communication/ Human Relations Essay
How should we as leaders communicate and uphold positive relations with others in a professional environment?
“A principal evolves from viewing teachers as "instruments" to valuing teachers as leaders.”
In our school, the principal is the head of our organization and since she does not have an Assistant Principal, is the head all alone. She has been principal for 10+ years at the same establishment and loves every day. She stresses to her staff the importance of student safety, student achievement, parental
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A leader must listen, interpret, and then use their leadership skills to reply and/ or come up with a logistic answer. Respecting what one has to say plays a big role as well. If you are listening adamantly to what one has to say, the person(s) knows that you are hearing and listening to what they have to say. This creates for a more positive work environment. When a leader listens, it shows respect and eliminates false assumptions. One is not confused on what the problem is about what is being asked of his/ her staff. A leader gives genuine thought whether or not the answer is or is not to go along with what is being asked or brought out. Voicing personal truths may fall into the lines of experience. A principal, also the leader, should have the experiences of a teacher and a principal. This means that the voices of the teachers, being in the classroom, and the concerns should be understood. Therefore, the principal should take these concerns as personal truths and deeply listen, suspend assumptions, and come to a consensus that will in turn generate a more positive and effective atmosphere for the school or any organization.
Communication is a very important to the organization of the school. There are many different ways in that you can communicate with your staff, teachers, students, parents, and community. In the book of enhancing Leadership Effectiveness it states that “communication has deep significance for organizations since


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