One Parent Family vs Two Parent Family

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I believe that children should be raised in a stable nurturing home by either both parents, mother and father or by a single parent. I feel that if it is a loving home where each parent is taking part in raising the child it is beneficial to the child. On the other hand if both parents argue all the time than it is not beneficial for the child’s upbringing. In having just one custodial parent the child is better off because the one parent will be able to provide a better stable social environment. Few parents decide on becoming single parents other reasons why someone might become a single parent are the death of one partner, abandonment or adoption of a child by a single person out of his or her choice.
An unstable home where the
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Using data from three waves of the National Survey of Families and Households
(N=1,963), associations between adolescent family experiences and young adult well-being across a range of indicators, including schooling, substance use, and family-related transitions. Compared were children living with both biological parents, but whose parents differ in how often they argue, to children in stepfather and single-mother families, and assessed the extent to which differences can be understood in terms of family income and parenting practices.
The findings suggested that parental conflict is associated with children’s poorer academic achievement, increased substance use, and early family formation and dissolution. Living in single mother and stepfather families tend to be more strongly associated with our indicators of well-being, although differences between these family types and living with high conflict continuously married parents are often statistically indistinguishable. What was concluded was that while children do better, on average, living with two biological married parents, the advantages of two-parent families are not shared equally by all. Children whose parents often argue score worse on measures of academic achievement, behavior problems, psychological well-being, and adult relationship quality; they are also more likely to form families early and outside of


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