Nursing as a Profession

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Nursing as a Profession The Purpose of this paper is to discuss whether nursing is a profession based on Pavalko’s eight dimensions describing a profession. Firstly, we must understand the definition of a profession before one can accurately judge the validation of the nursing profession. According to Webster dictionary, the definition of a profession is “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long academic preparation” (Webster dictionary, 2008). The nursing profession is one that needs specialized knowledge and training. It also applies to an occupation that requires formal education or qualification. The nursing field includes a set of skills that combines flexibility, creativity, knowledge and …show more content…

It is a non-negotiable ethical standard that expresses the nurse’s own understanding of commitment to the society. The nursing profession qualifies as a profession because it has a code of standard that guides its existence. A professional has a commitment to a lifelong work. The term nursing is derived from the word nurse, which means one that nourishes, foster, protect the sick, injured and restore health. The nursing profession is considered a career and not a job which involves commitment, promotes growth and increases various levels of responsibilities. The profession provides gratification for the individual’s personal accomplishment rather than entirely from a paycheck. The nursing profession has four main aims that define it. They aim to promote health, prevent illness, restore health, and facilitate coping with disability or death. The nurses can successfully achieve these aims through acquired knowledge, skills and critical thinking in order to give care in a variety of traditional and expanding nursing roles (Taylor, Lillis, Lemone and Lynn, 2008). The nursing profession is a profession that has a commitment to a lifelong work. Members control their profession. The nursing profession is autonomous as the nursing board in each state has set up rules and guidelines that nurses are required to adhere strictly (Orem, 2008). There are numerous professional


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